Portfolio Site

I’ll be honest,  at first I thought making my website would be fairly simple. Turns out I am struggling to even come up with a design that not only meets the 9 essential principles for a good website, but one that I would be proud to call my own. Yes my site has most of those principles (spacing navigation usability alignment etc.) but it seems to be just the bare minimum for those. Honestly I am drawing a major blank on making a design and it is truly frustrating. Hopefully something better will come to me sooner rather than later. Until then, I will continue to work on my issues with the precedence of the site, the clarity and consistency, and just the overall look of the site.


Week 7

After looking at a couple sites, I particularly like the one that Michelle shared. I like this one mostly because it shows how to do a bunch of web designing things that everyone can use. It makes it easy for people to learn how to de web designing, especially myself haha.

Week 4

At first I couldn’t think about an aggregator to post about, but then my drummer mentioned something to me about a story he posted on deviantART, and boom! It hit me, deviantART is an aggregator! So if you don’t know about deviantART, check it out here! They always have art and stories up on the home page so you don’t even need to make an account to look at things!



Week 4 Post

At first I was somewhat struggling to think of an aggregator to post, then my drummer mentioned something to me about a story he posted on deviantART and I thought to myself, “self, isn’t deviantART an aggregator?” After actually looking at it for the first time I realized that it is! So I share with you the link to their home page that always (apparently) has other people’s pieces of art on there.